The industry of video marketing is changing every day. The current state of our nation and world is pushing everybody to adapt, and the way people are making videos is amongst those changes. Where professionals can no longer capture video in person due to COVID-19, they have turned to their computers to create. Animation and motion graphics are quickly becoming a more popular method for creating commercials, advertisements, and other forms of promotional videos. 

With all of that being said, the next question to ask is who you should hire to make your animation and/or motion graphics. The options for these services are vast and dynamic. Many video marketing companies were already experts with animation and motion graphics, and many video marketing companies are learning those skills so they can offer the same services.

When considering the geography of Sonoma County, the immediate instinct might be to look South towards the cities of the Bay, or even further to see what professionals there are in Southern California. The people who are best at animation and motion graphics live in San Francisco, or L.A., right? 

Although there may be some truth to that, like I said earlier, the companies who provide these services are vast and dynamic. There are many companies around and inside Sonoma County who are not only professionals in animation and motion graphics, but they are local, cooperative, and eager to work. 

Among those is Definition Films, who like the other video marketing companies in the country, have been adapting to the new state of our nation, while providing fair rates to their clients. What they haven’t changed, however, is their ability to communicate and provide for their clients. That’s the difference between hiring a big company from L.A., and a local company from Santa Rosa, not to mention agencies in San Francisco or L.A. are going to be roughly 1.5x the cost of an agency in Santa Rosa. Definition Films is a prime example of companies who want to keep providing services for their new and existing clients, both locally and beyond.

Below is a recent animation by Definition Films for Yoplait along with an explainer video for Summit Technology Group.