We are well into the digital era, the way we communicate is becoming more and more reliant upon screens and the stories they can tell. This is true not only for casual interactions but for the professional ones as well. Employers and candidates can decide well before meeting each other if the job is a good fit or not. This can be attributed greatly to employee recruitment videos. Tons of companies have been developing these videos for the purpose of finding the most ideal employees. But why do they work?

Employee recruitment videos give companies the opportunity to let candidates know exactly why their company is a great place to work. People spend a lot of time online now, and a lot of people can stumble across any number of these kinds of videos. What if of all those random people, you are able to communicate to and recruit a handful of them who will be quality employees? An employee recruitment video can give a glimpse into company culture, the pros of working there, and can even help advertise your own message as well. Incorporating testimonials from happy employees of why they continue to work there and how it has helped their career path is a huge benefit to employee recruitment videos. Hearing heart-felt stories or stories that connect with the viewer looking for the job is one more way to make your business stand out.  Finding the right employee shouldn’t be that difficult. It is no wonder why the new trend is employee recruitment videos, they recruit employees!