Employee recruitment videos do a great job of helping a business to recruit quality employees. They can be posted on multiple social media platforms and recruiting websites, contain an effective call to action, and create a stake in our digitally progressive era. So we know why we should make employee recruitment videos. Now we figure out how to make them.

Fundamentally, all that is needed is a camera and a script. Utilizing a professional video production company can greatly increase the quality and effectiveness of an employee recruitment video. Having poor quality and no sense of storytelling might not get attract the employees that you are looking for. However there are many small tips and tricks that can make an employee recruitment video that much more competitive. 

1. Show a lot of faces. A company is made up by its people. So getting everyone from the CEO to the new entry-level hire talking about their job and how it has helped them shape their career path, gives a well-rounded impression of what candidates should expect. Utilize happy employees and encourage smiling and energy during the interview. Having two people of different positions talk for even a few seconds has a major impact on anybody considering long-term employment.

2. Concise and sweet. These videos are meant to hold attention and spark excitement, to do that effectively you only need two to five minutes. Say just enough to leave a candidate wanting to ask more, so they want to follow through.

3. Keep it honest, keep it fun. People want to see why they would have a good time working where they’re considering. Honestly portray what interesting or fun things happen in the workplace, most people are not opposed to fun.

4. Answer questions. If you are an established company, you probably have a good idea of what kinds of questions people ask after interviews. Why not answer those questions during that candidate’s first impression of the company? Cut out all the predictable aspects of employment so the employment part can happen faster.

5. Promote, promote, promote. Lastly, the end of any of these videos should provide a call to action. Ask candidates to consider you! This video also works as an advertisement for your company, so don’t be afraid to promote yourself.  This is your company, promote who you are.