A massive conference or event is incomplete without the presence of videography. People get excited to go when they see promotional videos beforehand, as well as nostalgic when they see informative videos afterwards. Not to mention live streams and short video releases during the event. Without cameras present, how can anybody remember what happened? So in using video for an event, there are a few important things to keep in mind. All of those tips can be categorized by: before the event, during, and after.

Video before the event can be used to generate enthusiasm. It can get ticket holders more excited to go and persuade the attendance for anybody who is on the fence. Content can include things like behind the scenes setting up, interviews with people who are working on the event, or even highlights of the venue. The idea is to give people a sense of what to expect. But with that idea, it is important to remember that at this stage you are sparking interest. Content should feel like teasers and shouldn’t give away too much information. Just enough to inform people that your event is worth attending.

Releasing a video during a conference simply adds to the momentum and enthusiasm already building up. This is especially true if that video reaches an audience who is not attending. It adds to the popularity and conversation about what your event is about. Releasing a kickoff video at the beginning of the event is a sure way to spark excitement. These videos also have longevity, and can be used and re-uploaded at any point in the future.

After the event is arguably the most important stage for video. It is useful for extending memories and reminding people everything they experienced. It is also continued advertising for your event, so make sure at least some of it is easily available. And be creative in the contexts used for showcasing; On social media it is better to release short, intriguing videos, but on your website you might like to have long, unedited interviews of important people who were there. Highlight videos are a great way to summarize your event, and to promote sales for the next one.

It is apparent how vital videography is for promoting an event. Without it, you are missing out on reaching a massive audience and effectively advertising. Incorporating any of the tips above are sure to help reach the highest potential for capturing the event. The best way to remember what happened, is to go back and watch it.