If a group provides a service, whether for profit or not, one of their top priorities should be to advertise. How will people know what you do if you don’t tell them? For businesses and corporations it’s straightforward, you need to spend money to make money. However for nonprofit organizations, is the investment for advertising feasible? 

Much like for profit organizations, nonprofits are concerned with return on investments. If they’re able to communicate with a large audience then they’ll get more awareness for their cause and more potential for fundraising. So what’s the most effective way to achieve this, while ensuring that every dollar spent is worthwhile? 

Video has become the most popular media for sharing information. Nonprofits can benefit greatly from one well made video. A local company in Santa Rosa, Definition Films, has made countless videos for nonprofit organizations Becoming Independent, North Bay Regional Center and Healthcare Foundation. Those videos went on to create awareness for their services, raise funds during fundraisers, education as well as showcase services. View some of Definition Films’ non-profit videos here:

+ https://www.definitionfilms.tv/project/healthcare-foundation-mysonomastrong/

+ https://www.definitionfilms.tv/project/kenwood-education-foundation/

+ https://www.definitionfilms.tv/project/nais-reimagining-independent-schools/

+ https://www.definitionfilms.tv/project/becoming-independent-2019-gala/

There are some amazing nonprofit groups in and near Santa Rosa. It helps both their causes and the communities they serve for as many people as possible to know who they are. What’s even better about them being in Santa Rosa, is them being able to seek local help for creating their video. An example of a company in Santa Rosa that specializes in making videos for a wide range of clients is Definition Films. Definition Films is local, eager to help nonprofits, and excited to serve the community in which they live. There are some great causes around here, and Definition Films wants to help them succeed.