Covance | EP3

Covance EP3 Onboarding film that brought us from the United States to 5 countries over a 4 week period.

We worked with The Engine is Red for this project highlighting Covance’s EP3 pillars – Exceptional People, Extraordinary Potential and Energizing Purpose. We captured over 90 interviews and 100 hours of interview footage with Covance employees at various locations around the world. It started in Madison Wisconsin then Indianapolis, following with a long trip from our hometown in the San Francisco Bay Area to London England where we filmed at the 3rd location in Harrogate, UK. Next was Bangalore, India and then off to Shanghai, China. Afterward, we flew to Geneva, Switzerland and finally wrapped it up in Munich, Germany before heading back home. Over the course of the 4 week period, we flew a total of 82 hours. We provided 2 main deliverables for Covance, an Onboarding video for new hires and recruiting and a Flagship video for external use. In addition, we created 50 short social media snippet videos with additional interview footage that didn’t make it in the Flagship and Onboarding videos.

View the use of our video project in action: https://careers.covance.com/global/en


Client: Covance
Agency: The Engine is Red
Role: Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production