PG&E | Beets Hospitality

East Bay hospitality company partners with PG&E to save energy and money.

The Engine is Red asked us to create a video capturing Beet’s Hospitality giving a testimonial to PG&E’s rebate program and zero percent interest financing. Definition Films composed shot lists, shooting schedules and lead all of the pre-production, production and post-production for this project.

Beets Hospitality Group, located in the Livermore Wine Country, hosts hundreds of events at their two locations every year. Three years ago the company conducted an internal assessment to determine how best to enhance energy efficiency and save money. The company partnered with PG&E customer relationship manager Ryan Porter and PG&E trade professional alliance member Marina Mechanical to use PG&E’s rebate program. Beets Hospitality Group financed the almost $60,000 HVAC upgrade with PG&E’s zero percent interest financing and qualified for roughly $11,000 in PG&E rebates. As part of the program PG&E ensures customers understand the immediate and long-term financial savings from potential upgrades. The HVAC project is estimated to save the company almost $13,000 annually.


Client: PG&E
Agency: The Engine is Red
Role: Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production