The Supply Place | Holiday Commercial

Garrett Ace Hardware’s, The Supply Place holiday discount and giveaway 30 second TV commercial.

Garrett Ace Hardware had us create this 30 second TV spot for them. They were having some discounts and giveaways through the end of the year so we wrote a script and got a voiceover recorded. The voiceover was inspired by that outdoor, rugged, Sam Elliot type voiceover that are usually seen in Dodge Ram commercials. We filmed for about half a day at their locations. One shot in particular, Justin fully walked through the flying wood chips with the RED Epic in hand and completely covered it in wood chips. Low and behold after blowing it off with an air compressor, the camera still worked perfectly. Props to RED Digital Cinema for making the best digital video camera that money can buy! To sum it up, here at Definition Films, we will put our equipment through any scenario to get the shot!


Client: Garrett Ace Hardware
Agency: Definition Films
Role: Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production