It’s no mystery that a major factor for the success of any business is to have an active social media presence. This is just as true for businesses in San Francisco as it is for those in New York. Videos have become the most popular medium for advertising, and even the smallest businesses can benefit from having a video or two that explains their mission statements or services. Video marketing companies in San Francisco seem to be starting up on every other block nowadays, and the prices to compete with each other vary drastically depending on quality and production. So how do you know which is the best bang for buck? Who will provide the right services for the right price? 

One thing to consider when pondering these questions is that San Francisco isn’t the only place in which video production firms reside. For example, if we were to look just north of the city in Sonoma County, we would find a company called Definition Films. This company creates quality content at the same level as many San Francisco based companies, but at more reasonable prices. 

Some of those San Francisco based video production companies may argue that they have the experience and the equipment to substantiate their prices. Although their claims may be valid, a company like Definition Films can make the same arguments due to the lower cost of living in Sonoma County vs San Francisco and still offer a lower price. Ever since their establishment in 2008, they have made videos for tons of companies. A few notable ones are Covance and Adidas, who they recently traveled abroad to film for.

If it’s a matter of quality for price, it might be wise to look outside the borders of San Francisco. You may find a company like Definition Films, who can provide the same quality for a lower price.