The budget for a charity is already next to none, so deciding where to spend that money is a stressful decision. Without any advertising or promoting, however, nobody will be able to donate or spread awareness. So putting money into marketing is practically necessary. The most effective medium of marketing, is video. Video production services have a tendency to be expensive, so spending time figuring out exactly what you want can help cut the cost. There are several factors that can go into production that would help not only save money, but effectively convey your message.

  • Know your audience

A target demographic should be appealed to in your advertisement. Knowing this will influence the tone and message of your video, ultimately making it more effective. If the video is made without understanding who would be watching it, the chances of success suffer greatly.

  • Be straightforward

Clearly identifying what you want to say will help with the impact of the video. If you want donations, ask for them. If you want people to see your website, provide a link. There isn’t a lot of time during the span of the video, so being honest in what you want will help use that time as efficiently as possible.

  • Inspire

If the video is not clear in telling the audience what you want from them, they will probably not do anything. Appeal to their inner hero and inspire them to help your charity in whatever way is best for it. Tell them how they can help.

  • Share it

On top of having established social media platforms, making sure the video can be shared easily is key. Uploading the video to your social medias, then seeing it spread through the internet will create tons of attention. Make the video accessible, that way people get word of what you are trying to accomplish.

Overall, video production is an almost necessary part of charity work. The best way to save money in this area is to make sure the video is as short and impactful as possible. The potential message that can be conveyed in a 30 advertisement can be enough to inspire crowds of people. Spend time in thinking of how the video should be produced, it will pay off in more ways than one.